Google Nest Smart Home Advisor

Google Nest Smart Home Advisor

Google Nest Smart Home Advisor

  • We will discuss your needs and interests regarding Google Smart Home products and services
  • We will tour your home with you to further this conversation and develop a personalized Smart Home plan
  • Advising sessions typically take less than one hour
  • You will then have the option to purchase products and services for same or future dated installation


What will my Smart Home Advisor cover?

We are here to help find the right Google Nest products for you. During the appointment, we can help you as follows:

Help test your Wi-Fi speed and check your wiring to make sure your home is compatible for connected home devices

Recommend products and product combinations based on your needs and your home

Help set up your Google account, download any apps needed and connect your devices to your account

Answer any questions about existing Nest and Google products, and connect them with any new devices

Advise on any offers or rebates in your area so you can get the best deals

How long is the Smart Home Advisor appointment?

Appointments are typically less than an hour.

Do I have to buy anything?

There is no pressure to purchase anything. Should you decide to purchase qualifying services, your initial appointment setup fee will be refunded.

Can I buy something if I want to?

Yes! We can complete purchases and give you products on the spot. No trip to the store or waiting for shipping.

What products does OnTech cover?

OnTech Smart Services specialize in Nest and Google products, and may also recommend products from our partners based on your needs.

Products include:

Nest cameras, alarms, doorbells & locks
Nest thermostats & smoke alarms
Google Home, Google Mini and Nest Hub
Chromecast and Google WiFi

Will OnTech install my products?

Installation service is not included with your Smart Home Advisor appointment. If you choose to purchase new devices during your appointment, you can either install them yourself, or purchase additional installation services from your OnTech Smart Home Advisor.

Can my Smart Home Advisor handle technical support for devices I already own?

No, your Smart Home Advisor appointment does not cover tech support. If you prefer technical support in-home, you can book a Diagnostic Service appointment below.

Is this only for single-family houses? Will you come to my apartment/condo/townhouse?

OnTech Smart Services offers solutions for all types of homes, including apartments, condos and townhouse.