Winegard Teams up with OnTech to Offer Professional Antenna Installation Services

  • This partnership will help both companies serve more consumers nationwide by combining industry-best products with expert home antenna setup and education.

  • Winegard, the company dedicated to designing and manufacturing the greatest range of world-class connectivity products, announces today it is partnering with OnTech Smart Services to offer home antenna installation solutions.

    Professional antenna installation done right.

    As the preferred installation partner for Winegard's indoor and outdoor antennas, OnTech will help even more Americans gain access to the latest in media and smart home technology.

    "Some customers prefer to leave antenna installation to the experts, and we want to help them find the very best," says Aaron Luttenegger, Winegard Director of Business Development and Sales.

    "We trust OnTech Smart Services and believe our customers are going to love the work they do—as well as the ongoing support they provide. It also means that customers will spend a lot less time scrolling through countless Google Reviews looking for a nearby technician. They can rest easy knowing that their OnTech Smart Services installer will get the job done right the first time.

    "On top of that, working with OnTech Smart Services is part of our mission to build better lifelong relationships with customers. We want them to always feel confident in the technology they buy."

    Service that goes beyond the initial setup.

    "When customers purchase select indoor and outdoor antennas from the Winegard website, they'll be prompted to add expert-level installation, setup, and education from our team," says Jeremy McCarty, Head of OnTech Smart Services.

    "Our relationship with customers continues to evolve as their needs change. Our technicians are equipped with the latest knowledge and can help customers navigate the often complicated and confusing world of antenna installation, ensuring they get the most out of their new Winegard over-the-air antenna."

    Antenna installations start at $99.99, but customers can enjoy a reduced price when they sign up for OnTech+ membership (which also comes with special perks). Learn more here.

    Originally posted via Winegard GlobeNewswire.

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