OnTech Unboxing: First Look at the Newest from Google Nest

We got our hands on the new Google Nest cam and doorbell and couldn't wait to show you our first impressions and hot takes. Join us for a fresh-out-of-the-box first look! (Spoiler alert: we're very impressed)

Google’s latest line of home security products offers enhanced features for next-level privacy and security.

Here’s a breakdown of the newest from Nest: Google Nest Cam, a battery-powered outdoor/indoor camera ($179.99) and Google Nest Doorbell, a battery-powered doorbell ($179.99). Next up is the Google Nest Cam with floodlight, Nest’s first connected floodlight camera ($279.99) and last (but certainly not least) the second-generation Google Nest Cam, a wired indoor camera that just so happens to be the most affordable Nest Cam ever ($99.99). All these products will be available for purchase soon.

Smarter Security

One of the most exciting features of the new Nest devices is intelligent alerts. Both the cam and the doorbell can tell the difference between a person, animal, package, and car then alert you based on your preferences for more relevant notifications. When you book an install with OnTech, we’ll help you tailor your alert preferences so you only get pinged for things that matter to you.

Who, What, Wire

Google’s introduction of wire-free cameras and doorbells means more versatility and simplicity for users. The wireless devices can be installed anywhere in the home - not just near power outlets and existing doorbell wires. However, features on the camera and doorbell are limited when you go wireless, so Google offers a wired option as well that enhances the quality of the device. We’re stocking up on all the accessories to offer you the best of home security. If you aren’t sure which solution is best for you and your home, you can schedule a Smart Home Advisor appointment to talk through your options with a certified smart home expert.

Made with design in mind

Any loyal Google user knows they get a home run every time for design. This iteration of the cam and doorbell are no different, with sustainable design and various colors to blend seamlessly into your space without sacrificing on quality. For a closer look at the devices, watch our unboxing video above.

Members get even more

We’re on a mission to simplify the smart home, which means offering you more ways to save on smart home devices. As an OnTech+ member, you get premium access to new Google Nest products as well as 10% off every purchase. And the cherry on top, when you sign up your first installation is free. Sign up today and get 10% off your new home security products and more. It pays to shop smart.


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We’re on a mission to simplify the smart home, which means offering you more ways to shop for and enjoy the devices you love. Our nationwide network of smart home installation experts work hard to make smart homes simple for everyone. 

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