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Frequently Asked Questions

How good should my internet be for this to work?

FreedomFi Indoor Small Cell and Gateway can do 220 Mbps downlink and 12 Mbps uplink and should be plugged into a wired Ethernet internet connection capable of these speeds. Any installation at a location with lower throughput will effect the performance and mining capability of the small cell.

Will my FreedomFi Gateway swallow up all of my internet connection, such that I won't be able to watch Netflix?

No. While FreedomFi Small Cells have a maximum downlink throughput of 220Mbps, most cellular radios spend the majority of their time carrying 30% of their peak throughput or less. If you have a decent Internet connection it will not swallow all of it. You will also have the ability to set the ceiling data throughput that you dedicate to the data offload.

Will I need a wired connection to the gateway or can I use WiFi to connect my FreedomFi Gateway to the internet?

You will need to connect FreedomFi gateway to the Internet using an ethernet cable.

I already have a standard Helium hotspot at the same location where I plan to deploy FreedomFi Gateway. Will FreedomFi gateway eat into Lora rewards of my existing hotspot if I put it next to it?

Yes. FreedomFi Gateways will double as a regular Helium Hotspot so standard Helium rules of “keep’em 350 meters apart or sacrifice rewards” will apply. If you already have a Helium miner at a location that is potentially excellent for cellular data offload, we recommend moving it.

How far will the signal from CBRS radios reach?

Coverage for CBRS radios is much shorter range than LoRa. Ballpark, indoor CBRS radios will have ~3x coverage of an enterprise Wi-Fi access point. Outdoor radios with sector antennas will go ~5-7 miles in line-of-sight conditions. In no-light-of-sight (NLOS) conditions, coverage will be reduced dramatically because CBRS frequency band is 3.5-3.7Ghz and doesn’t go through walls or trees very well.

Is there any configuration required for my router?

FreedomFi recommends that port forwarding be turned on for port 44158 in their router. Please visit for forwarding instructions.

How long will it take for my system to be fully up and running?

Following the initial onboarding process it may take up to 24-96 hours for the FreedomFi Gateway to sync with the Helium blockchain before it starts earning any HNT. After 96 hours, please verify your Gateway has synced via the Helium app.

Please note: The blue light (LTE) on any Small Cell could take up to 24 hours to turn on.

Can I connect my own device to the wireless network?

The equipment came with a eSIM card that you can install in your cellular device to use your network. Only cellular devices that use data plans from Helium 5G roaming partners such as GigSky will be able to connect.

Does my installation include CalChip product delivery?

No. Please order your FreedomFi Gateway from CalChip and have it unboxed for your installation appointment.

When will my technician arrive?

OnTech will contact you the day before your scheduled service appointment and again one hour before the estimated arrival time of your technician.

Can I reschedule or cancel my installation appointment?

Once your order is placed, you may only make service changes, service appointment changes or cancellations by phone at (888) 362-8931 or email at

Is OnTech service guaranteed?

OnTech provides a 60-day workmanship warranty on all services. For more information visit,

How can I get support from OnTech?

OnTech offers 24/7 support via phone and email. In the event OnTech is unable to solve a technical problem regarding services over the phone, you may request a technician visit. OnTech may charge a fee for such visits if the services are not covered by the service warranty. For technical support or to notify OnTech of a defect in workmanship of services, please contact us at 1-(888)-362-8931 or email

What are OnTech's COVID-19 safety precautions?

For OnTech Smart Services COVID 19 safety precautions, please visit:

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