C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19

C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19
C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19
C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19 - lifestyle
C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19 - lifestyle 2

C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19

  • Long lasting & low energy use
  • Control away from home & with your voice
  • Set automated schedules
  • Choose from millions of colors
  • Adjust white color tone from warm to cool
  • Dim & brighten, plus save settings
  • Installs easily into your existing floor & table lamps

$99.99 for a single smart lighting setup of up to 10 bulbs.
$34.99 for each additional smart lighting setup in increments of 10 bulbs or as an incremental installation to an order.

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C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19

C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb A19

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Product Overview

So many colors, so much control.

Choose from millions of color options to set any scene in your space. Full Color Smart Bulbs also have adjustable white light that ranges from 2000K to 7000K.    No matter your mood, or the time of day, these bulbs are ready to support your lifestyle. 

Smartphone control with the C by GE App.

Once you’ve found your true colors, save them as preset scenes in the C by GE app, group them with other Full Color bulbs or Tunable White Bulbs to control all your bulbs at once, and enjoy them anytime you want. The app also allows you to automatically turn on/off or dim/brighten your bulbs at specific times of the day. 

Voice and out of home control with the Google Assistant.

C by GE bulbs are made to work with your Google devices. So connect your Full Color Smart Bulbs right out of the box, download the Google Home app, and control your Full Color Smart Bulbs from anywhere—yes, even from bed.

Transform any room.

Product Features

Long Lasting and Low Energy Use

LED technology uses about 85% less energy and lasts 15 times longer than a 60-Watt incandescent bulb while providing nearly the same light output.

Simple Setup Without A Hub

The Full Color bulb connects directly to Google Home devices via Bluetooth with no additional hub or bridge required to provide quick and easy set up.

Voice and out of home control with The Google Assistant

Control your lights with just your voice and away from home when paired with a Google Home device and The Google Assistant.        

Voice and out of home control with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit

Enable voice and lighting control away from home by pairing your Full Color bulb with the C by GE C-Reach smart bridge (sold separately) and an Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit device.                                    

Choose From Millions of Colors

Enhance your home's atmosphere and add a festive vibe with vivid colors.

Adjust Light from Warm to Cool

Tune your white light to any color between warm, amber light tones (2000K) and cool, bluish tones (7000K), including optimized settings to support your sleep/wake cycle.

Create Custom Schedules

Automations allow you to schedule when lights are on and off, including customized schedules for different days of the week.

Set Scenes for Every Occasion

Set scenes like warm dimmed light for movie time or cool bright lights when you wake up in the morning.

Control Bulbs Individually or Group Together

Control each light bulb individually or group bulbs together so that you can brighten, dim, turn on and turn off your lights simultaneously.

Mobile Control from your Smartphone or Tablet

The free iOS- and Android-compatible app lets you adjust brightness and turn lights on and off without leaving your seat or bed.    

For Even More Control, Pair with C by GE Smart Switches

C by GE smart bulbs and switches connect wirelessly so you can control your Full Color bulb using a wall switch even when it's on a different circuit or the switch is turned off.      

Installs Easily into your Existing Table and Floor Lamps

The traditional A19 bulb shape and size fits medium base sockets in open fixtures designed for 60-Watt incandescent A19 bulbs.        

Product Specifications


760 Lumens

Actual Wattage Used


Replacement Wattage


*Provides nearly the same light output as a 60W incandescent bulbs (760 lumens vs 840 lumens)

Estimated Energy Cost Per Year


Rated Life

13.7 years (at 3 hours per day use)

Light Appearance

Millions of vibrant colors + tunable white light from 2000k (Calm) to 7000k (Vibrant)


Yes, with app

Bulb Type


Base Type

Medium (E26)


Bluetooth & Wifi

Compatible With

The Google Assistant using a Google Home device and Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit when paired with the C-Reach Smart Bridge.

California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING- Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Smart Lighting Setup

We install C by GE Smart Bulbs
Install smart light bulbs in your existing floor & table lamps or track & recessed lighting
Pair smart bulbs with any Google Speaker if applicable (Google Mini, Google Home, Google Nest Hub)
Setup & configure all smart bulbs and ensure they are working as designed
Help setup associated Mobile App to control the Bulbs via Smartphone, tablet, or PC
Teach you how to use the smart bulbs and get the most out of your smart lighting

1Customer Satisfaction rating based on internal customer surveys for in-home service.

2Google rating as of 5/19/2020.