Google WiFi - 1 pack
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Google WiFi - 1 pack

  • WiFi points work together to create a connected system that gives you a strong signal throughout your home
  • Because each WiFi point is a router with a high-fidelity signal, all of your devices get a fast connection
  • Google WiFi uses mesh technology to create one WiFi network, so you can stream a movie on your phone and walk from room to room without any signal drops
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How many Wifi points do you need?

One - Small home or apartment, 500-1500 square feet

Two - Medium home, 1500-3000 square feet

Three - Large home, 3000-4500 square feet

A WiFi Evolution

The way we use WiFi has changed. We have more devices that need strong, fast WiFi in more parts of our home - and Google WiFi delivers just that. You'll still need service from your ISP, as well as a modem. From there, Google WiFi handles the rest.

Product Features

Key Features

Google Wifi is a new type of connected system that replaces your router for seamless coverage throughout your home. With Google Wifi, you can do everything you love online, anywhere in your house. The system was designed to handle multiple devices streaming, downloading, and sharing at the same time.

Whole-home coverage

Say goodbye to dead zones and spotty connections. Google Wifi points work together as a connected system, spreading a fast signal to every corner of your home. With more and more devices on home Wi-Fi, good connection is critical to keep everything from laptops to smart light bulbs working smoothly.

It keeps itself fast with Network Assist

Advanced Network Assist technology works in the background to always keep your network fast. For example, by always placing you on the clearest channel to help avoid buffering.

The app provides a simple way to control what matters

An easy to use app makes set-up simple, and gives visibility into what devices are connected and offers features like family controls (pause Wi-Fi on kids’ devices), and the ability to prioritize a device.

An expandable system

A single Google Wifi point covers homes up to 1,500 square feet, while a three-pack can cover up to 4,500 square feet. Start with what you need, and add on additional points for more coverage.

Product Specifications

In the box
  • 1 Wifi point
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 6.5 ft Ethernet cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Diameter: 4.17 in (106.12 mm)
  • Height: 2.70 in (68.75 mm)
  • Weight: 12 oz (340 g)
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per point. Ports can be configured as WAN or LAN.
  • 15W power adapter
  • ~9W consumed
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB eMMC flash
  • WPA2-PSK
  • Automatic security updates
  • Quad-core CPU, each core up to 710 MHz
  • AC1200 2x2 Wave 2 Wifi
  • Expandable mesh Wifi
  • Simultaneous dual-band Wifi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • TX Beamforming
  • Bluetooth ® Smart Ready

Setup requires mobile device running Android 4.0+ or iOS 8+

Manufacturer Product Warranty

1 Year